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University of Miami

The University of Miami is currently conducting a four-year US National Science Foundation research project to demonstrate a low energy, low contaminant-discharge design for net-zero water buildings of the future.


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Adam Bowman, a 2012 graduate of Montgomery Bell Academy, has been conducting independent research into small dense plasma focus (DPF) devices as effective radiation sources and research tools.


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Tucker Leavitt, a student at Animas High School, is working on a project aimed towards designing and building a generator that can harness the chemical energy stored in the intermolecular hydrogen bonds in water.



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Walla Walla University received a boost in 2011 from a donation of digital storage oscilloscopes to the Physics department, and a DC electronic load to the Engineering department, to help further their academic studies and research.


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University of Toronto’s Blue Sky Solar Racing team required a power supply that could deliver adequate power to test their solar vehicle’s wind sensor, brake and signal lights, rear-view camera, and various circuit boards.


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In March of 2009, the Stanford Solar Car Project team placed 10th overall and 4th in their class in a race across Australia. IV Curves were more their challenge than were the curves of the pavement.




Recently Featured Projects

Mike Sokol: Electrical Shock Prevention in Sound Systems | Data Link Institute

Up & Coming Projects

Pacific Union College: The PUC physics laboratory projects are designed to be hands-on by the students however most of the equipment is either aged to the point of being obsolete or failing due to normal use. The experiences using B&K Precision's new oscilloscopes, multimeters, function generators and frequency counters will not only give each student a tactile learning environment, but also a valuable experience in using industry-quality instruments that can be used in the work-place later in their career.

Missouri University of Science and Technology: The Formula SAE racing car design team received a Bench DC Power Supply (Model 1694) and Digital Oscilloscope (Model 2540B) from B&K Precision. The team will be using the instruments to implement new designs to efficiently diagnose and prevent problems not only in the electrical system, but in the car as a whole.

Village Academy - Department of Engineering, Department of Science, Science Olympiad
BK Precision's function generators, model 4001 will be utilized in the curriculum of Physics, Robotics, and Computer Science classes. The goal of the classes is to maintain a laboratory, project driven learning environment where students spend 60-80% of their time learning in the lab through circuit analysis and design.

Cal Poly – Cal Poly Pomona Rose Parade
Cal Poly Pomona Rose Float will be using B&K Precision's products to test and develop designs for the animation computer for the university's Rose Float. The animation computer is a small engineering team project involving several microcontrollers and peripherals. It's a senior project involving 6 electrical engineering students and 1 faculty advisor, which will have sustained development for several years.

University of Minnesota - Solar Vehicle Project
UMNSVP designs and builds a solar powered car every two years.  BK Precision's Power Supply (model 1673) and Electric Load (model 8510) will be essential building and testing the solar car, Centaurus III, the tenth generation solar car built by students at the University of Minnesota.