20 MHz Sweep Function Generator Utilizes Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) Technology for Sine, Square, and Triangle Waveforms

YORBA LINDA, CA, January 18, 2008 -- B&K Precision Corporation’s model 4040DDS is a low cost, full-featured, flexible 20 MHz sweep function generator that utilizes Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) to generate precise and accurate waveforms with little distortion. The model 4040DDS provides 20 MHz sine and square waveforms and 2 MHz triangle waveforms. At a price of only $699.00, this sweep generator is ideal for use in many applications in the engineering, manufacturing, servicing, educational, and hobbyist fields.

The Model 4040DDS offers:

  • 0.1 Hz to 20 MHz frequency range for sine and square waveforms
  • 0.1 Hz to 2 MHz frequency range for triangle waveforms
  • 10 volts peak-to-peak amplitude into 50 ohms
  • AM and FM modulation
  • Linear or logarithmic sweeps
  • Adjustable symmetry
  • Adjustable DC offset of ±4.5 V
  • Bright, informative display

A full range of triggering capabilities is available, including internal triggering, external triggering, and gated operation.

Utilizing DDS technology to produce precise and accurate waveforms, the four digit counter permits more accurate determination of output frequency than is possible with comparable analog models. Coarse and fine tuning controls permit the precision setting of the output frequency.

The sweep generator offers linear or logarithmic sweep with variable sweep rate and adjustable sweep time. Adjustable symmetry allows the generator to produce a variety of pulse waveforms, ramp or saw tooth waves, and slewed sine waves.

Available for immediate delivery, the model 4040DDS 20 MHz DDS Sweep Function Generator is priced at $699.00, and comes with a line cord, user instruction manual and B&K Precision Corporation’s two-year warranty.

About B&K Precision
For more than 60 years, B&K Precision Corporation has been building a reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of reliable and cost-effective test and measurement instruments. The company’s products are used in a wide range of applications including design, research and development, production line testing, industrial maintenance, and electronic field service. B&K Precision test and measurement instruments are standard equipment in a large number of universities and technical schools which train future engineers and technicians. B&K Precision was founded in 1951 and is headquartered in Yorba Linda, California.

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