1MHz to 3GHz Handheld Freq. Counter/Strength Meter

Discontinued Model 103

Discontinued: January 1, 2008 MSRP $140 / 1 Yr Warranty
  • 10 Digits LCD
  • 16 Section barographs to show RF signal strength
  • 300MHz direct counter with 0.1Hz resolution
  • 4 Selectable gate speeds
  • Hold switch to lock display
  • Low battery indicators
  • Internal Rechargeable NiCd battery pack (Average 6 hour battery life)
  • AC wall charger (AC Adapter 120VAC/9VDC)
  • 7 section telescopic antenna (AT-1)
  • IMPORTANT: This unit only works with analog signals



Description Version Download
Operating Software (Supports Windows(R) XP/Vista/7) 19Jan2012 WaveXpress.zip
  • 150/300/450/900MHz Flexible Antenna

    150/300/450/900MHz Flexible Antenna

    Model AT 2
    • 150/300/450/900MHz
    • 7.9" (20cm) Long
    • BNC Connector

    MSRP $14.00

  • Rubber Broadband Antenna

    Rubber Broadband Antenna

    Model AT 3
    • 150/300/400/900/1200MHz
    • 7" (18cm) Long
    • BNC Connector

    MSRP $15.60

  • 600mAH NiCd Battery Pack 4xAA

    600mAH NiCd Battery Pack 4xAA

    Model BP 10

    MSRP $12.00

  • DMM Carrying Case

    Model LC 29B
    • Light weight, durable Cordura nylon Protects your instruments
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Room to hold your test leads
    • Approximate Internal Dimensions: 4" x 2.5" x 8" (102 x 64 x 203mm)

    MSRP $17.75

  • RF Detector Probe

    Model PR 32A

    Usable with most oscilloscopes. Features light weight design and 48" (1.2m) coaxial cable. 100KHz to 950MHz Bandwidth +3dB Accuracy 200V Max input voltage 50VeffHF Voltage 250mV Actuating voltage 5pF Input capacitance Cable Length: 1.2 meters

    MSRP $62.00

  • 30A Hook-up Cable Set

    Model TL 30

    30 Amp test leads that are ideal for bench power supply applications that require clip termination such as battery charging. Note that the spade lug connector will not connect to power supplies with banana only jacks. The power supply must have a threaded binding post.

    • #10 Spade Lug to Large 3" Battery Clips
    • Jaws open to 0.75" (19 mm)
    • 30A rating
    • Black and Red pair
    • Approximate overall length 30" (0.75m)

    MSRP $18.00

  • 5A Hook-Up Cable Set

    Model TL 5A


    • 4mm Banana plug to alligator clip
    • 5A rating
    • Black and Red pair
    • 40" (1.0m) length


    MSRP $10.00

  • Function Generator Test Leads Set

    Model TLFG

    General purpose test probe set that includes BNC to BNC cables, BNC adapters and test clips.

    MSRP $82.00

  • Power Supply Test Leads Set

    Model TLPS

    New accessory kit combines safety and functionality. The highly flexible silicone jacked test leads feature a retractile sheathed banana plug to connect to the Bench Power Supply and a fixed sheath banana plug to protect the user. A complete selection of accessories are included

    • large alligator clips, standard alligator clips, spade lug and banana plug adapters
    • to make your connects easier. For Power Supplies with remote sensing capability, a ready-made lead set also included.

    MSRP $43.00