Universal Cable Tester

Discontinued Model 205

Discontinued: June 15, 2010 MSRP $1,035 / 3 Yr Warranty

The B&K Precision Model 205 Universal Cable / Harness Tester tests just about any cable or harness in fractions of a second. It is a compact, stand alone unit that can be used for any type of wired assembly. Opens, shorts and miswires are detected immediately. The universal adapter card offers outstanding flexibility and convenience, ready to accept any of the industry's 22 most popular connector styles (205 does not come with connectors). A crisp, easy-to-read LCD instantly indicates good or faulty connections and the included probe pinpoints the trouble spot.

  • Detects opens, shorts and miswires
  • Test up to 128 points in a fraction of a second
  • Universal Adapter Card accepts most popular connectors
  • Includes single wire test probe
  • Stores up to 50 test programs
  • Printer interface for wire listing
  • Spare PCB test board assemblies optional (205 PCB)


  • 205 Cable Tester, Replacement PCB

    Model 205 PCB

    MSRP $60.00

  • Right Angle Card Edge Connector

    Model 205 RAA

    MSRP $26.00