Industrial Semiconductor Tester with Leakage Test

Discontinued Model 520C

Discontinued: November 30, -0001 MSRP $475 / 1 Yr Warranty

The B+K Precision model 520C Transistor Tester is designed for in circuit and out of circuit transistor testing with special features for making additional tests on devices out of circuit. The instrument is designed for a minimum amount of control manipulation, making for rapid testing of most devices.

  • Determines good or bad transistors, FET's, SCR's, or diodes.
  • Patented limited energy pulse circuit permits in circuit testing in the presence of low shunt impedance's with complete safety for the device under test.
  • Easy to operate panel eliminates the need to refer to a reference or operating manual only three switches, no panel adjustments.
  • Six position test switch makes it unnecessary to know the device terminal identification.
  • A logarithmically scaled meter identifies leakage in both Silicon and Germanium devices.
  • Front Panel socket for out of circuit transistor testing.


  • Flexible Lead Sets (models 510, 510A 520B & 520C)

    Model FP 6

    Specialized test lead set for B+K Precision semiconductor testers. Three conductor lead with 4mm banana plugs to mini-IC test clips.

    • 3 conductors
    • Yellow, Green and Blue
    • 30" (76cm) length

    Cross to CalTest CT3709

    MSRP $21.00