Digital Sound Level Meter

Discontinued Model 732

Discontinued: February 1, 2005 MSRP $229 / 1 Yr Warranty

Whether you are testing for OSHA compliance, quieting equipment, or monitoring the roar of a stadium crowd, B&K Precision's Sound Level Meter can get the job done. The model 732 Sound Level Meter provides 30~130 dB capability in three convenient measurement ranges Low, Med and Hi with an accuracy of ±1.5 dB. The meter meets the IEC 651 Type II and includes frequency weighting A & C and fast and slow time weighting. Two auxiliary ports provide either AC output, 1Vrms full scale, or DC output, 10mV /dB. The model 732 can meet your sound testing needs.

  • 4 digit LCD, Resolution 0.1 dB update cycle 0.5 s
  • Standard IEC651 Type II
  • Condenser microphone w/ windscreen
  • MAX MIN function
  • Low battery indication


  • Power Adapter, 9V DC 100mA

    Model BE 9
    • UL & cUL Listed
    • Barrel Jack Dimensions: 11mm long, 3mm diameter, 1mm internal diameter

    MSRP $13.75