30 MHz Dual Trace Analog Oscilloscope With Probes

Model 2120B

B&K Precision's model 2120B is a dual trace oscilloscope that offers high performance at a low price. Most competitor's entry level oscilloscopes have a 20 MHz bandwidth, while B&K Precision's models 2120B has a bandwidth of 30 MHz. This oscilloscope is built by and backed by B&K Precision, a company that has been selling reliable, durable, value priced test instruments for over 50 years.

  • Dual or single trace operation
  • 5 mV/div sensitivity
  • AUTO/NORM triggered sweep operation with AC, TVH, TVV and line coupling
  • Compact low profile design
  • cUL certified
    • PR 37AR Deluxe 10:1 Red Probe
    • Model# PR 37AR
    • Red colored probe body 6/150MHz Bandwidth X1, X10 & REF Switchable attenuation 48" (1.2m) Cable length Includes a full accessory kit with a Sprung Hook, Replacement Tip and BNC Adapter. IEC61010-2-031

    • Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer Carrying Case
    • Model# LC 210A
      • Made in the U.S.A.
      • Light weight, durable Cordura nylon
      • Protects your instruments
      • Room to hold your test leads
      • Approximate Internal Dimensions: 15 x 7.5 x 17.5" (381x 191 x 445mm)

    • High-Voltage Oscope Probe, 10kV, 50MHz
    • Model# PR-55
    • If the voltages you need to measure are above the specifications of the general purpose probe, B+K Precision has higher voltage probes for you. X1000 Attenuation 100M ohms / 1pF Input Impedance 50MHz Bandwidth 80" (2.0m) Cable Length

    • General Purpose Oscilloscope Adapter Kit
    • Model# CC540
    • Model CC540 General Purpose Oscilloscope Adapter Kit provides a range of BNC and N Type coaxial interconnection for general purpose oscilloscope test interconnections. All components feature standard BNC or N type connectors with 50Ω impedance to ensure accurate measurements. The kit is provided in a convenient foam lined storage case for easy selection and use. Features BNC & N Type 50Ω Connectors Gold plated center contacts Storage case Applications: Production Test Stations Service & Repair Facilities Educational Test Benches Calibration Work

    • 300 kHz AC/DC Oscilloscope Current Clamp Probe
    • Model# CP62
    • Download CP62 Manual
    • The CP62 current probe allows a general purpose oscilloscope to display AC and DC current signals up to 100 A Peak (70 A RMS). The CP62 current probe can also make AC and DC measurements with a multimeter by using the recommended accessory TL62 (BNC-to-banana) plug adapter.

      • 50 mA to 100 A peak
      • DC to 300 kHz

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