1785B Series

Programmable DC Supplies

Model 1785B

MSRP $435 / 1 Yr Warranty
Where to Buy

Models 1785B, 1786B, 1787B & 1788 are Programmable DC Power Supplies that offer new levels of ease of use and programmable functionality. Direct key in entry makes voltage and current selection fast, accurate and easy. In case calibration allows for simple, cost savings, uninterrupted operation.

  • Sixteen user programmable preset outputs
  • Controllable Output On/Off Switch
  • 10mV/10mA setability resolution
  • Closed case calibration
  • Low ripple and noise
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • Serial interface cable and software included
Model Output Voltage Output Current MSRP
1785B 0-18 V 0-5 A $435 Where to Buy
1786B 0-32 V 0-3 A $435 Where to Buy
1787B 0-72 V 0-1.5 A $435 Where to Buy
1788 0-32 V 0-6 A $585 Where to Buy



Description Version Download
IT-E132 and IT-E132B USB Cable Adapter Driver v1.14.0 ITE132(B)_driver.zip
NI Certified LabVIEW 8.0 Driver V1.0.1 LV178xB.zip
NI Certified LabVIEW 2012 SP1 Driver 1.0.2 LV178XB_2012.zip
Operating Software (Supports Windows(R) 7) V2.54 PV178x.zip
Python Library V1.00 PyLib178x.zip
Python Setup Package V1.00 python.zip
  • RS232 to TTL Interface Kit

    Model IT-E131B

    This is the RS232 to TTL interface kit includes both the RS232 to TTL adapter and a RS232 DB9 to DB9 cable.

    MSRP $54.00

  • USB to TTL Interface

    Model IT-E132B

    This is the USB to TTL interface replacement part that was originally included with its paired product. A standard USB cable is included.

    MSRP $50.00

  • Rack mount kit for select models

    Model IT-E151

    The IT-E151 is for rack mounting of compatible products in either a side-by-side configuration, or single unit configuration where a provided blank is used to fill the empty space. The dimensions for the kit are 5.24" (133mm) by 19" (482.6mm).

    Compatible models:

    • 1785B Series
    • 9120A Series
    • 9150 Series
    • 9200 Series
    • 8500
    • 8502
    • 8510
    • 8512
    • 8514
    • 8518
    • 8600
    • 8601
    • 8602
    • 891

    IT-E151 Instruction Manual

    MSRP $79.00

  • Power Supply Test Leads Set

    Model TLPS

    This accessory kit combines safety and functionality. A must have for anyone who uses power supplies or loads.

    • Medium and large insulated alligator clips
    • Black and red components
    • Sense lead included



    Description Max current
    Red and black test lead (120 cm) 25 A
    Spade lug adapters (6 & 4 mm) 36 A
    Standard alligator clips 3 A
    4 mmBanana plug adapters 36 A
    Large insulated alligator clips 36 A
    Red and black sense leads (10 cm) 3 A

    MSRP $44.00