9150 Series

Programmable DC Power Supplies

Model 9153

MSRP $1,795 / 3 Yr Warranty
Where to Buy

The 9150 series are high performance linear-regulated  programmable DC power supplies that provides excellent performance and features not found in other supplies in this price category. These supplies are designed for applications in design verification, production or university labs that require high yet clean and reliable power, combined with excellent resolution, accuracy and fast transient response time.  

  • Very low ripple and noise due to linear regulation
  • Excellent display resolution
  • Fast transient response time (<120 µs)
  • SCPI compatible
  • Communicate via USB Interface, using included USB to TTL serial converter cable
  • Closed case calibration
  • List mode operation for increased throughput
  • Very quiet due to intelligent fan speed control
  • For bench use or rack mountable
  • Application Software for front panel emulation and simple test sequence generation included
  • Digital port with Remote Inhibit (RI) useful for turning multiple power supplies On/Off simultaneously
  • Over voltage protection
  • Digital Volt Meter and Milliohm Meter
Model Voltage Current MSRP
9153 0-60 V 0-9 A $1,795 Where to Buy
9151 0-20 V 0-27 A $1,890 Where to Buy
9152 0-30 V 0-18 A $1,890 Where to Buy



Description Version Download
IT-E132 and IT-E132B USB Cable Adapter Driver v1.14.0 ITE132(B)_driver.zip
NI Certified LabVIEW 7.1 Driver V1.0 LV91xx.zip
NI LabVIEW 2014 driver 1.0.1 LV91XX_2014.zip
Operating Software (Supports Windows(R) 7) V3.3 PV9100.zip
  • RS232 to TTL Interface Kit

    Model IT-E131B

    This is the RS232 to TTL interface kit includes both the RS232 to TTL adapter and a RS232 DB9 to DB9 cable.

    MSRP $54.00

  • USB to TTL Interface

    Model IT-E132B

    This is the USB to TTL interface replacement part that was originally included with its paired product. A standard USB cable is included.

    MSRP $50.00

  • Rack mount kit for select models

    Model IT-E151

    The IT-E151 is for rack mounting of compatible products in either a side-by-side configuration, or single unit configuration where a provided blank is used to fill the empty space. The dimensions for the kit are 5.24" (133mm) by 19" (482.6mm).

    Compatible models:

    • 1785B Series
    • 9120A Series
    • 9150 Series
    • 9200 Series
    • 8500
    • 8502
    • 8510
    • 8512
    • 8514
    • 8518
    • 8600
    • 8601
    • 8602
    • 891

    IT-E151 Instruction Manual

    MSRP $79.00

  • High current premium test lead accessory

    Model TLPWR1

    High quality red and black cable with externally braided wrap with large fork-type spade connectors for connecting to high current power supplies or DC loads.

    • Length: 2 m
    • Rated current: 60 A
    • Gauge: 8 AWG
    • Connector inner diameter: 8 mm (approximate)
    • Connector outter width: 15 mm (approximate)
    • Wire material: flexible silicon jacket

    MSRP $91.00