DISCONTINUED—150MHz, 200MS/s, Digital Storage Scope, w/RS-232 Interface

Model 5105A

The model 5105A is a 150 MHz (200MS/s) Analog/Digital Storage Oscilloscope and it can store waveforms in memory. For one shot events, you can see what happened before the trigger. You can store up to two waveforms, each 2kx8 bit long. After acquisition, the data can be manipulated and displayed in many different ways. You can change time base or vertical position. You can select which portion of a waveform you'd like to look at in more depth. You can compare the measured waveform to a "known good" waveform in memory.

  • Auto set
  • Readout cursors
  • Save/Recall
  • Component tester
  • RS232 interface
    • 150 MHz 1x/10x Oscilloscope Probe
    • Model# PR 150
      • 25/150MHz Bandwidth
      • X1/X10 Attenuation
      • 48" (1.2m) Cable length
      • Includes a full accessory kit with a Sprung Hook, Replacement Tip and BNC Adapter.
      • IEC61010-2-031

    • Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer Carrying Case
    • Model# LC 210A
      • Made in the U.S.A.
      • Light weight, durable Cordura nylon
      • Protects your instruments
      • Room to hold your test leads
      • Approximate Internal Dimensions: 15 x 7.5 x 17.5" (381x 191 x 445mm)