Wireless Control for XLN-GL & 9170/9180 series Power Supplies

pwrApp for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch

remote control power

For users of B&K Precision's XLN-GL and 9170/9180 series power supplies, "remote control" has new meaning.

Combine the built-in LAN capabilities of our XLN-GL and 9170/9180 power supplies with our free pwrApp for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to fully monitor and control one or more XLN-GL or 9170/9180 power sources via your local WiFi network.

Custom designed to work with network enabled XLN and 9170/9180 series power supplies, pwrApp simplifies your ATE or benchtop work environment, while offering greater control, ease of use, and observational awareness.

Features and benefits:

  • Full monitoring and control of network-connected XLN and 9170/9180 series power supplies
  • Live interactive power supply control
  • Visual data graphing
  • Audible trigger alarms
  • Export of monitoring data via AirPrint or email of CSV files
  • Fully functional in-app demos of devices, monitoring, and programs
  • Full interface control in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese
  • Quick start guide built in to app to get you going immediately

Supported models:

XLN Series compatible power supplies: XLN3640-GL, XLN6024-GLXLN8018-GLXLN10014-GLXLN15010-GLXLN30052-GLXLN60026-GL

9170/9180 Series compatible power supplies with LAN interface card installed: 9171, 9172, 9173, 9174, 9181, 9182, 9183, 9184, 9185

Minimum device requirements:

Compatible with devices capable of running iOS 6 or later, including iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

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