New Innovative 50 MHz Pulse Generators from B&K Precision

Filling the void between AWGs–with limited pulse capabilities–and costly pulse generators

YORBA LINDA, CA, October 5, 2010 -- B&K Precision, a well-known provider of affordable test and measurement solutions, has launched a new series of pulse generators. Models 4033 and 4034 are high performance, programmable pulse generators, delivering clean and accurate pulses for testing digital circuits and systems based on TTL, CMOS, or ECL logic families. Model 4034 functions as two units in one with its dual-channel outputs that can operate independently or in sync, saving bench space and equipment cost.

The industries that employ and depend on pulse generators are wide-ranging; from aerospace and military to communications and industrial control.  B&K’s new pulse generators, with their precise control over all pulse parameters, support a breadth of applications and environments requiring precision pulse streams, such as R&D, automatic test equipment (ATE), avionics, radar testing, switching power supply testing, and active component characterization.

Both the 4033 and 4034 operate from 0.1 Hz up to 50 MHz with a period accuracy of 0.01% and six-digit resolution for key parameters: period, width, and delay. Achieving this performance, which places them in the same category as more costly instruments, is an innovative feature, because customers are no longer faced with the trade-off between an AWG (arbitrary waveform generator) with limited pulse generation capabilities and dedicated, but costly pulse generators.

These instruments provide industry-standard flexibility in controlling pulse timing, level thresholds, and transition edges, as well as flexible trigger modes of continuous, triggered (internal, external, manual), gated burst, and external width. They store up to 99 test setups, are pulse width programmable from 10 ns to 10 s, and deliver an output signal of 10 Vpp into a 50 ohm load. Both generators offer closed case calibration, SCPI compatible programmability via GPIB or RS-232, and come with a standard three year warranty.

Models 4033 and 4034 round out B&K Precision’s existing pulse generator offerings, meeting customer needs above and beyond analog pulse generation. Model 4033 has a list price of $5,250 and dual-channel model 4034 lists for $7,950. Visit for detailed specifications on these products or for more information on other B&K Precision products.

About B&K Precision
For more than 60 years, B&K Precision Corporation has been building a reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of reliable and cost-effective test and measurement instruments. The company’s products are used in a wide range of applications including design, research and development, production line testing, industrial maintenance, and electronic field service. B&K Precision test and measurement instruments are standard equipment in a large number of universities and technical schools which train future engineers and technicians. B&K Precision was founded in 1951 and is headquartered in Yorba Linda, California.

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