Linear IC Tester

Model 570A

MSRP $1,550 / 1 Yr Warranty
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The Model 570A Analog IC Tester's built-in test library includes all common Analog ICs including op-amps, comparators, voltage regulators, voltage references, analog switches & multiplexes, opto-isolators & couplers, and audio ICs.


  • Auto identification mode
  • Conditional/Unconditional loop testing mode
  • Functional test unit emliates passive circuitry to implement a comprehensive test in a variety of configurations and gain settings
  • Displays diagnostic information down to individual component pins
  • Rugged, hand held, battery operated
  • Built-in membrane keypad, 2 x 16 dot matrix alphanumeric LCD, and high quality 16 pin ZIF socket
  • Battery operated


  • 570A & 575A Interface Software with USB Dongle

    Model AK57X

    The AK57X interfaces the models 570A and 575A with the CompactLink software. It allows you to add ICs to the device libraries of the 570A and 575A.

    Important Note: The AK57X comes with a Security Dongle that must be connected to the USB port in order to operate the AK57X software. If the Security Dongle is lost, an entire new AK57X kit must be purchased to interface the AK57X with the CompactLink software.

    MSRP $715.00