Universal Multiprogrammer with 4 Programming Sockets

Discontinued Model 859

Discontinued: April 19, 2010 MSRP $3,950 / 1 Yr Warranty

The 859 is a Universal Multiprogrammer with 4 programming sockets with a constantly updated extensive device library. All four programming sockets are independent and it has been designed for ease of use and reliable performance. It is ideal for use with Laptop/Notebook computers that do not have parallel port interfaces. Whether you are working with PLCC, SOIC, TSOP, DIP, TQFP, SSOP, PSOP or QFP, B&K Precision has an extensive line of socket adapters to interface with any IC package. This programmer is much more than a basic Gang EPROM Programmer and it is a must for anyone that Tests, Repairs, or Programs any electronic device that uses a memory IC.

The easy-to-use control program with pull-down menu, hot keys and on-line help, also the 859 can be used by users with technical levels ranging from the Hobbyist to the professional R&D Engineer. Selecting of device is performed by its class, by manufacturer or simply by typing a fragment of vendor name and/or part number.


  • Fast programming speed (64-Mbit NOR Flash >50 sec./1Gbit NAND Flash >220 sec.)
  • Four Independent 48-pins powerful pin drivers, no adapter required for any