Portable Multi-Channel Recorder

Model DAS240-BAT

MSRP $3,395 / 2 Yr Warranty
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The DAS240-BAT measures parameters commonly found in process applications including voltage, temperature, current, resistance, frequency and pulse. It includes 20 universal analog channels with convenient screw input terminals that can be expanded up to 200 channels. This recorder was developed by B&K Precision’s subsidiary Sefram in France, which specializes in the design and manufacture of recorders, field strength meters and other test and measurement instruments.

Measurement results can be viewed graphically and numerically on a 10 inch color touch screen and saved to internal memory or an external USB memory stick. Icon-driven menus make the instrument easy to navigate. The free DasLab Windows PC software allows users to remotely control and configure the recorder, transfer logging results and configuration files, and view live data in graphical or numerical format on the PC.

Features and benefits:

  • Compact and portable form factor suitable for remote and field use
  • Outstanding battery life of up to 15 hours
  • Wide 10” touchscreen TFT display
  • 20 universal analog input channels, expandable to 200 channels
  • Versatile temperature measurements supporting 9 types of thermocouples and 2 or 3-wire Pt100 / Pt1000 temperature sensors
  • Measure voltage to ±100 V, resistance to 10 kOhm and current (with optional shunt input-terminal block)
  • 32 GB internal hard drive
  • 2 USB Host ports and 1 LAN interface



Description Version Download
Viewer and File Management Software (Windows 7/10) V1.1 DASLaB.zip
  • DAS240-BAT 20-Channel module

    Model 902401000

    20 Channel board module for DAS240-BAT

    MSRP $850.00

  • DAS240-BAT Input connectors 20 pack

    Model 902401050

    Pack of input connectors (20pcs) for DAS240-BAT

    MSRP $135.00

  • DAS240-BAT 50Ohm 125mW shunt

    Model 902406500

    50Ohm 125mW shunt for DAS240-BAT

    MSRP $59.00

  • DAS240-BAT Logic input cord

    Model 902407000

    Logic input cord for DAS240-BAT

    MSRP $310.00

  • DAS240-BAT Measurement module cable

    DAS240-BAT Measurement module cable

    Model 902407500

    Replacement measurement module cable for DAS240-BAT

    MSRP $250.00

  • DAS240-BAT Carrying case

    Model 902408000

    Hard carrying case for DAS240-BAT

    MSRP $125.00

  • DAS240-BAT Rackmount kit

    Model 902409000

    Rackmount kit for DAS240-BAT

    MSRP $550.00

  • DAS240-BAT Mains power adapter

    Model 978553000

    Replacement mains power adapter for DAS240-BAT

    MSRP $55.00