5492B and 5492BGPIB

5 1/2 Digit Bench Digital Multimeter

Discontinued Model 5492B

Discontinued: July 27, 2021 MSRP $749 / 3 Yr Warranty

The B&K Precision model 5492B is a versatile 5½-digit, 120,000-count bench multimeter suitable for applications in education, service repair, and manufacturing. The instrument enhances your productivity with built-in math functions and USB connectivity. Rel, Max/Min, dBm, dB, %, and Hold functions provide educators with a convenient tool to teach basic math concepts. Additionally, the 5492B offers powerful features not commonly found in other 5½- digit DMMs such as advanced triggering, buffer storage operation, and a GPIB interface option.

The 5492B measures volts and amps with great accuracy and stability, with basic VDC accuracy of 0.01%. The meter is also capable of measuring frequency, period, resistance, continuity, and performing diode tests. Readings can be taken at a maximum rate of 57 readings/sec and stored to an internal 512-byte buffer for post acquisition statistical analysis.

The 5492B was designed for cost-conscious users requiring an accurate meter with a broad range of features offered at a value price.

  • 5½-digit, 120,000-count display resolution
  • 0.01% basic VDC accuracy
  • Advanced triggering options such as external, bus and event trigger
  • Two and four-wire resistance measurement up to 120 MΩ
  • AC voltage and AC current measurement over wide frequency range (ACV 100 kHz/ACI 10 kHz)
  • AC (RMS) and DC current measurements up to 12 A
  • Limit mode for Pass/Fail testing
  • Save/recall up to 10 instrument settings
  • Built-in math functions: Rel, Max/Min, dBm, dB, %, Hold, Compare
  • CATI (1000 V)/CATII (300 V) protection
  • USB (Virtual Com) and RS232 interface
  • SCPI compatible
  • For GPIB interface order 5492BGPIB
Model MSRP



Description Version Download
Operating Software (Supports Windows(R) 7) V1.0 5492B_software.zip
USB Virtual COM Drivers (Supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10) V6.7.5 CP210X_USB_Driver.zip
  • Rack Mount Kit

    Model RK02

    19 Inch rack mount kit for one or two half-rack B&K Precision meters and instruments. Includes only front-end hardware and is not intended to be a load-bearing piece of hardware. To support the weight of the equipment, please contact your rack manufacturer for specific supporting hardware.

    MSRP $59.00

  • General Purpose DMM Kit

    Model TL130B

    If you need only one basic accessory kit for your meter, this is the one. Attach probes or clips to the sheath plug to complete your test. Soft, flexible silicone leads make movement easy. Kit is voltage and current rated for electronic or electrical applications.

    • Probes are 1000 V, CAT III (600 V, CAT IV)
    • Alligator clips are 300 V, CAT II 5A
    • UL Listed test leads
    • Silicone lead wire length 60" (1 m)
    • Tri-fold velcro pouch

    MSRP $79.00

  • Red and Black CAT III (IV) 1000V (600V) Test Leads

    Model TL37

    Right-angled sheathed banana replacement 10A test leads for digital multimeters.

    MSRP $10.00

  • High Performance Bench DMM Accessory Kit

    Model TL500B

    This kit of accessories was assembled to facilitate requirements by high-performance bench digital multimeters (DMM's) users. All the most popular accessories in one kit. The kit offers MiniProbe test probe, with spring-loaded tips, for fine probing; MiniPRO Test Clips for small and MiniFlex Test Clips for micro connections; and for those larger test points, both spade lug and banana plug adapters, two pairs of test leads for 4-wire measurements or calibration hookups, an insulated BNC male to sheathed banana jack adapter, and an insulated SMD Tweezer set for surface-mount component testing.

    • Silicone jacketed test lead wire with UL Listing
    • MiniProbes w/Spring loaded Stainless Steel Tips
    • Packaged in Plastic Case


    Kit Contains:
    (4) Test Lead 4mm Sheathed P-RaP Silicon 0.75,  40": (2) Black, (2) Red
    (2) Spring Tip Mini-Probe-4mm Jack: (1) Black, (1) Red
    (1) Insulated BNC male Adapt-4mm Safety Jacks
    (2) Adapter 4mm Banana Plug to Jack: (1) Black, (1) Red
    (2) Mini Flex Clip-4mm Jack-Silicon 0.40, 10 cm: (1) Black, (1) Red
    (2) Adapter 6mm Spade 4mm-Jack: (1) Black, (1) Red
    (2) Lead minipro-J-PVC 0.40, 10 cm: (1) Black, (1) Red
    (1) Tweezer Test Lead Set- 4mm P, w/PVC pouch



    -20 to +80 ºC

    RoHS (2002/95/EC)


    MSRP $169.00

  • Maxi-Pro DMM Kit

    Model TL50B
    • Complete accessory kit for all your testing needs.
    • Includes soft, flexible silicone lead wire easy movement and Tri-Fold Velcro Pouch for convenient storage.
    • 1000 V, CAT III (600 V, CAT IV)
    • UL Listed test leads
    • Silicone lead wire length 60" (1.5m)
    • Tri-fold Velcro Pouch

    MSRP $91.00