1653A and 1655A

AC Power Supplies

Discontinued Model 1653A

Discontinued: May 1, 2019 MSRP $366 / 1 Yr Warranty
    • 150V 3A AC Power Supply
    • Model 1655A
    • 0 to 150 VAC, 3 amp variable isolated AC Power Supply with the ability to measure leakage

The 1653A and 1655A variable isolated AC power supplies are great for testing AC line variations or any product requiring AC power.

  • Variable isolated 0 to 150 VAC
  • 2A (1653A) and 3 A (1655A) continuous output
  • Displays voltage or current readings
  • Isolation transformer to eliminate shock hazard while servicing "hot chassis" equipment
  • 120VAC, 60Hz Input (220V input version not available)

Additional Features (1655A only)

  • Built-in soldering iron temperature control
  • Expanded leakage scale
  • Circuit breaker overload protection
Model MSRP
1655A $695


File Description
power_supply_guide.pdf Power Supply Selection Guide