9130C Series

Triple Output Programmable DC Power Supplies

Model 9130C

MSRP $1,235 / 3 Yr Warranty
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The 9130C Series triple output linear programmable DC power supplies feature isolated outputs that can be adjusted independently or combined in series or parallel to output higher voltage or current. Additionally, these supplies can operate in tracking mode with user-configurable ratios between channels. The front panel keys and rotary knob with convenient cursors let users quickly set voltage and current values.

For remote control, the standard USB (USBTMC-compliant) and RS232 interfaces supporting SCPI commands can be used to remotely control the power supplies via a PC.

  • Three independent and electrically isolated outputs
  • Displays voltage and current settings for all three channels simultaneously
  • Low noise, linear regulation
  • High programming and readback resolution of 1 mV / 1 mA
  • Series and parallel modes combine channels to increase the output voltage or current
  • Tracking mode allows users to set up channels to maintain a programmed ratio
  • Fully programmable channels with Output On/Off control
  • Store and recall up to 36 instrument settings
  • Remote sense
  • Timer-controlled output function adjustable from 0.1 – 99999.9 s
  • Standard USB (USBTMC-compliant) and RS232 interfaces supporting SCPI commands for remote control
  • NI certified LabVIEW driver and softpanel for remote control, test sequence generation, and datalogging available
  • Overvoltage (OVP) and overtemperature (OTP) protection including keylock function
  • Compact 19” half-rack form factor allows for side-by-side rack mounting of two units 
Model Voltage (Ch1 & Ch2) Current (Ch1 & Ch2) Voltage (Ch3) Current (Ch3) MSRP
9130C 0-30 V 0-3 A 0-5 V 0-3 A $1,235
9131C 0-30 V 0-6 A 0-5 V 0-3 A $1,710
9132C 0-60 V 0-3 A 0-5 V 0-3 A $1,710



Description Version Download
Operating Software w/ LabVIEW 2020 Run-Time Engine 1.0.4 9130B_software.zip
Operating Software 1.0.4 9130B_software_noLVRT.zip
LabVIEW 2020 Driver 1.1.1 LV913XX.zip
USBTMC Driver Installation Note 1.0 USBTMC_Driver_Readme.txt
  • General Purpose Power Supply Accessory Kit

    Model CC545

    Model CC545 General Purpose Power Supply Accessory Kit provides almost everything one needs to put their bench power supply to work. The kit includes 3 high-capacity test leads with retractile sleeve plugs. Rated at 600 V CAT II and 36 Amps, the leads provide safe connection to either standard or sheathed jacks while its silicone jacket wire stays flexible under all conditions.

    For day-to-day connections, included are 4/6mm spade lug adapters along with 4mm banana plug adapters. Unique to the kit are 3 extra-large alligator clips which offer a wide range of connection capabilities. Fully insulated 1,000V CAT III or 600V CAT IV, the clips are capable of attaching to leads as small as 0.01" or lugs to a diameter of 1.25" all while carrying currents up to 36A. All components are supplied in black, red, and green for easy identification.

    Also included is a BNC female to double banana plug adapter, a BNC male to double binding post adapter, and a BNC male cable assembly for powering those RF testing applications.


      • High Capacity Retractile Sheath Leads
      • Connection Adapters
      • Extra-large insulated alligator clips
      • Black, red & green components
      • Storage case



    • R&D Laboratories
    • Production Test Stations
    • Service & Repair Facilities
    • Educational Test Benches

    MSRP $125.00

  • Rack mount kit for select models

    Model IT-E151

    The IT-E151 is for rack mounting of compatible products in either a side-by-side configuration or single unit configuration where a provided blank is used to fill the empty space. The dimensions for the kit are 5.24" (133mm) by 19" (482.6mm).

    Compatible models:

    - 1785B Series - 8512
    - 9120A Series - 8514
    - 9150 Series - 8518
    - 9130B Series - 8600
    - 8542B - 8601
    - 8500/B - 8602
    - 8502/B - 9801
    - 8510/B - 9200 Series


    IT-E151 Instruction Manual

    MSRP $93.00

  • 30A Hook-up Cable Set

    Model TL 30

    30 Amp test leads that are ideal for bench power supply applications that require clip termination such as battery charging. Note that the spade lug connector will not connect to power supplies with banana only jacks. The power supply must have a threaded binding post.

    • #10 Spade Lug to Large 3" Battery Clips
    • Jaws open to 0.75" (19 mm)
    • 30A rating
    • Black and Red pair
    • Approximate overall length 30" (0.75m)

    MSRP $19.00

  • 5A Hook-Up Cable Set

    Model TL 5A


    • 4mm Banana plug to alligator clip
    • 5A rating
    • Black and Red pair
    • 40" (1.0m) length


    MSRP $11.00

  • Power Supply Test Leads Set

    Model TLPS

    This accessory kit combines safety and functionality. A must have for anyone who uses power supplies or loads.

    • Medium and large insulated alligator clips
    • Black and red components
    • Sense lead included



    Description Max current
    Red and black test lead (120 cm) 25 A
    Spade lug adapters (6 & 4 mm) 36 A
    Standard alligator clips 3 A
    4 mmBanana plug adapters 36 A
    Large insulated alligator clips 36 A
    Red and black sense leads (10 cm) 3 A

    MSRP $57.00

  • 100 cm Premium Spade Connector Test Lead Set

    Model TLPWR31

    High quality red and black cable dual diameter spade connectors for connecting to power supplies or DC loads.

    • Length: 1 meter
    • Rated current: 30 A
    • Connectors: 6/4 mm Spade lug
    • Wire material: flexible silicon jacket

    MSRP $45.00

  • 200 cm Premium Spade Connector Test Lead Set

    Model TLPWR32

    High quality red and black cable dual diameter spade connectors for connecting to power supplies or DC loads.

    • Length: 2 meter
    • Rated current: 30 A
    • Connectors: 6/4 mm Spade lug
    • Wire material: flexible silicon jacket

    MSRP $56.00

File Description
power_supply_guide.pdf Power Supply Selection Guide