PVS Series

High Power Programmable DC Power Supplies

Model PVS60085MR

MSRP $4,350 / 3 Yr Warranty
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The PVS10005, PVS60085, and PVS60085MR programmable DC power supplies offer clean output power up to 5.1 kW, excellent regulation, and fast transient response time characteristics in an industry-leading 2U package. These power supplies provide many useful features such as high-programming resolution, multiple remote interfaces for test systems, and a built-in SAS (solar array simulator) function to generate PV (photovoltaic) I-V curves.

The PVS Series is well suited for both bench use and ATE systems integration, R&D, design verification, production test, and high voltage testing. In particular, the low-noise characteristic of the PVS Series makes these instruments ideal for motor inverter testing. When operated with the optional SAS software, these power supplies can be used for solar array testing applications.

  • Compact, high power density, 2U package
  • Output up to 1000V/5A (PVS10005) and 600V/8.5A (PVS60085 & PVS60085MR)
  • Model PVS60085MR is multi-ranging, allowing any combination of the rated voltage and current up to 3000 W
  • Convenient single-phase AC input configuration
  • Bright VFD display
  • High voltage and current resolution of 100 mV, 0.1 mA (PVS10005) or 10 mV, 0.2 mA (PVS60085 & PVS60085MR)
  • Fast transient response time of ≤ 0.5 ms
  • Adjustable voltage and current slope (rise and fall times)
  • List mode: 9 user-defined programs with up to 100 programmable steps each
  • Built-in SAS function for storage of up to 16 I-V curves with Voc, Isc, Vmp, and Imp parameters and 1024-point table
  • Standard USB (virtual COM), RS232, GPIB and LAN interfaces supporting SCPI commands
  • External analog programming and monitoring interface
  • LabVIEW driver and softpanel available for remote control, test sequence generation, and datalogging

Solar Array Simulation (SAS) Software Option 

  • Ideal for testing PV and motor inverters
  • Simulate I-V curves under different weather conditions while validating the solar inverter's MPPT algorithm
  • Test to EN50530 and Sandia Labs standards
  • Monitors and logs real-time voltage, current, power, MPPT efficiency, and average MPPT efficiency
  • User-definable irradiance profile


Model Max Output Voltage Max Output Current Max Output Power MSRP
PVS60085MR 600 V 8.5 A 3000 W $4,350
PVS10005 1000 V 5 A 5000 W $5,470
PVS60085 600 V 8.5 A 5100 W $5,470



Description Version Download
LabVIEW 2018 SP1 Drivers 1.0.2 LVPVS.zip
Operating Software w/ LabVIEW 2018 Run-Time Engine (Supports Windows(R) 7/8/10) 1.0.5 PVS_software.zip
PVS Software Note (Read this before downloading the operating software above) 1.0.0 PVS_software_readme.txt
USB Driver 1.0.0 PVS_USB_driver.zip
SAS Software Note (Read this before downloading Solar Array Simulator Software) 1.0.0 SAS_readme.txt
Solar Array Simulator Software (Supports Windows 7/8/10) 4.2.5 SAS_Software.zip
  • Replacement Unterminated AC Power Cord

    Model PCAK2

    Replacement unterminated power cord assembly with side directional "key" to prevent reverse connection orentation.

    Used with:

    • 9830B Series
    • XLN15010, XLN15010-GL
    • XLN30052, XLN30052-GL
    • XLN60026, XLN60026-GL
    • PVS Series
    • MR Series

    MSRP $82.00

  • Rackmount Front Handle Brackets

    Model RKPVS

    Rackmount side brackets and handles for the PVS Series and MR Series. The RKPVS is not intended to be a load-bearing piece of hardware. To support the weight of the equipment, please contact your rack manufacturer for specific supporting hardware.

    MSRP $74.00

  • Solar Array Simulator Software USB Dongle

    Model SASPVS

    USB Dongle to allow use of the SASPVS Solar Array Simulator Software for the PVS Series and MR Series after the 30 day trial period expires.

    MSRP $325.00

File Description
power_supply_guide.pdf Power Supply Selection Guide