2680 Series

Spectrum Analyzers

Model 2683

MSRP $4,590 / 3 Yr Warranty
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The 2680 series of spectrum analyzers delivers performance and functionality in frequency ranges from 9 kHz to 2.1 GHz, or 3.2 GHz. Each model offers a standard pre-amplifier, tracking generator, and 1 Hz minimum RBW. The included advanced measurements give the user access to even more powerful features. In addition, these analyzers provide low phase noise and displayed average noise level (DANL) to view critical detail in the spectrum which is beautifully displayed on the 10.1” widescreen color display. The reflection measurement option enables VSWR, reflection coefficient, and return loss measurements, while the EMI pre-compliance option enables pre-defined bandwidth set points and quasi-peak detection. These analyzers are ideal for applications in 2-way radio, site surveying, EMI pre-compliance, characterizing the frequency response of RF devices and more.

  • Frequency range: 9 kHz to 2.1 or 3.2 GHz
  • High Sensitivity -161 dBm/Hz displayed average noise level (DANL)
  • Low phase noise of -98 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset
  • Low level uncertainty of ±0.7 dB
  • 1 Hz minimum resolution bandwidth (RBW)
  • Preamplifier and tracking generator standard on all models
  • 10.1” wide-screen 1024 x 600 color display
  • LAN and USBTMC connectivity
  • USB host port to store and recall waveform data, setups, and screen captures
Model Frequency Range MSRP
2682 9 kHz - 2.1 GHz $2,995
2683 9 kHz - 3.2 GHz $4,590



Description Version Download
2680 Series Software (Windows 7/8.1/10) V1.0.5.0 2680_Series_Software.zip
USBTMC Driver Installation Note 1.0 USBTMC_Driver_Readme.txt
  • EMI measurement license key

    Model EMI2680

    This option enables the instrument’s EMI measurement function which includes pre-defined bandwidth set points of 200 Hz, 9 kHz and 120 kHz, a -6dB EMI filter, and the quasi-peak detector as specified by CISPR 16-1. Fill out the request form to acquire a license for the EMI License Key.

    MSRP $500.00

  • Near Field Probe Kit

    Model PR262

    The PR262 near field probe kit includes both magnetic (H) and electric (E) field probes to help identify sources of electromagnetic radiation. The probes act similar to wide bandwidth antennas and are usually connected to a spectrum analyzer. The probes can also be used in immunity testing by feeding an RF signal into the probe and radiating it into the circuit. The wideband amplifier can be connected between the probe and the spectrum analyzer to increase the dynamic range of the measurements.


        • H20 H-Field
        • H10 H-Field
        • H5 H-Field
        • E5 E-Field
        • 40 dB wideband amplifier (requires A-male to mini-B USB cable for power, not included)
        • SMB to SMA cable
        • SMA to N cable

     User manual

    MSRP $610.00

  • Reflection bridge with adapters

    Model RB2680B

    The RB2680B reflection bridge is used with a spectrum analyzer to measure VSWR, reflection coefficient or return loss. The kit includes 2 N(M) to N(M) adapters to connect to the spectrum analyzer ports.

    • Frequency range 1 MHz to 2.5 GHz
    • N (Female) type connector
    • 50 Ω Impedance
    • 5 dB Insertion loss
    • 20 dB directivity

    MSRP $539.00

  • Reflection measurement license key

    Model RFL2680

    This option enables VSWR, reflection coefficient, and return loss measurements for tuning and determining the efficiency of antennas, filters, or RF transmission modules. Fill out the request form to acquire a license for the Reflection License Key.

    MSRP $149.00