Handheld NTSC Generator

Model 1211E

MSRP $263 / 1 Yr Warranty
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This handheld NTSC Pattern Generator is powered by a 9 volt battery or AC adapter providing NTSC color bars, crosshatch, dot, staircase, circle, center cross, windows, and a full range of color raster patterns. The outputs available are composite video via RCA connector, a RF output BNC connector, or an S Video mini-DIN output. Signals can be produced as an interlaced or progressive scanning mode.

  • S Video, composite video, RF output
  • Interlace or progressive scanning system
  • 9VDC battery (included)
  • AC adapter available


  • AC Adapter, 9VDC/300mA, Center +

    Model BE 12
    • UL & CSA Listed
    • Barrel Jack Dimensions: 12mm long, 5mm diameter, 2mm internal diameter

    MSRP $22.00