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28 November, 2016
B&K Precision Offers Upgraded 100 MHz Bench DSO at Exceptional Price Point
B&K Precision today replaces their former 2190D bench digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) with the model 2190E. Offering the same measurement capabilities of the previous 2190D, the 2190E continues to add more features to the entry-level 100 MHz DSO.
7 June, 2016
B&K Precision Offers 100 kHz Handheld LCR Meter with Bench Performance
B&K Precision today announced the expansion of its current 878B and 879B 40,000-count handheld LCR meters with the addition of a new 100 kHz model, the 880. This new portable LCR meter can measure inductance, capacitance, and resistance with 0.1% basic impedance accuracy. Offering many features....
2 December, 2015
B&K Precision Introduces the Industry’s Highest Power Dual Channel DC Electronic Load Module
B&K Precision today introduced a new 300 W dual-channel DC load module, the MDL302, for use with its modular programmable DC electronic load system, the MDL Series. The MDL302 adds to the six DC electronic load modules already offered in the series ranging in power from....
18 November, 2015
B&K Precision Expands AC Power Source Offerings with Two Additional Models
B&K Precision today announced the expansion of its 9801 programmable AC power source offering with the addition of two new high power AC sources, models 9803 and 9805. The new 9803 and 9805 can deliver up to 750 VA and 1500 VA respectively, and also measure AC voltage, current....
12 November, 2015
B&K Precision Refreshes Handheld SLA Battery Tester Line
B&K Precision today announced two new handheld battery capacity analyzers, models 600B and 601B, and improves upon its former models 600 and 601 with an enhanced design. Both models provide durable Kelvin clamps and can measure the capacity of sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries with Ah ranges up to....
5 November, 2015
B&K Precision Sets New Standard in Economy Programmable Triple-Output DC Power Supplies
B&K Precision today introduced its latest programmable triple output DC power supply, the 9129B, to complement its value-priced programmable multi-channel power supply lines. The new linear power supply features three isolated outputs that can be adjusted independently or combined in series or parallel....
29 September, 2015
B&K Precision Adds Four New Models to High-Performance DC Electronic Load Series
B&K Precision today announced the expansion of its 8600 Series with the addition of four new programmable DC electronic load models: 8610, 8612, 8614, and 8616. With operating voltage ranges up to 500 V, the new models bring to the series a significant increase in power range from....
24 September, 2015
B&K Precision Offers New 300 kHz Bench LCR Meter at Exceptional Price Point
B&K Precision today introduced their new model 891 300 kHz bench LCR meter. This new compact, value-priced LCR meter can measure inductance, capacitance, and resistance with 0.05% best impedance accuracy over a fully adjustable test frequency range of 20 Hz to 300 kHz. With a 300-point linear....
3 September, 2015
B&K Precision Expands Popular Multi-Range System Power Supply Series with 3000 W Model
B&K Precision today announced the expansion of its 9115 Series with the addition of a new multi-range programmable DC power supply, model 9117. The new 9117 can deliver up to 3000 W of output power in any combination of voltage up to 80 V and current up to 120 A within its power rating. While offering more....