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16 October, 2017
B&K Precision Expands the 8600 Series with Higher Power DC Electronic Loads
B&K Precision announced the expansion of its 8600 Series with the addition of four new programmable DC electronic load models: 8620, 8622, 8624, and 8625. With operating voltage ranges up to 500 V, the new models bring to the series a significant increase in power range from 2500 W to 6000 W and a capability of sinking up to 720 A for high current applications.
9 August, 2017
B&K Precision’s New DC Resistance Meters Provide Accurate Milliohm Measurements with Temperature Compensation
B&K Precision announced its first series of DC resistance meters, models 2840 and 2841, designed to accurately measure resistance in the milliohm range.
31 July, 2017
B&K Precision Extends Programmable AC Power Sources up to 3000VA
B&K Precision, today announced the 9830 Series, a new line of programmable, single-phase AC power sources for testing electronic devices during design, service and manufacturing.
11 April, 2017
B&K Precision Releases Low Cost-Per-Watt Multi-Range DC Power Supplies
B&K Precision announces its latest multi-range DC power supplies, models 9103 and 9104.These new power supplies operate in constant voltage (CV) or constant current (CC) mode and can deliver up to 320 W in any combination of its rated voltage and current - 42 V/20 A (model 9103) and 84 V/10 A (model 9104).
23 March, 2017
B&K Precision Expands Bench LCR Meter Family with 500 kHz, 1 MHz Models
B&K Precision, a leading designer and manufacturer of reliable and cost-effective test and measurement instruments, today announced the expansion of its bench LCR meter family with the addition of two new models that extend the family's test frequencies up to 1 MHz.
31 January, 2017
B&K Precision Completely Refreshes Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator Line
B&K Precision today announced the launch of its 4050B Series dual-channel function/arbitrary waveform generators, and replaces its former models 4053, 4054, and 4055 with enhanced specs and functions.