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28 April, 2015
B&K Precision Launches New AC Source with Power Line Disturbance Simulator
B&K Precision today introduced a new AC power source, the model 9801, to expand its AC power supply offerings. This compact 19” deep half-rack single-phase AC source can deliver up to 300 VA and measure AC power characteristics...

22 January, 2015
B&K Precision Unveils New High-Performance Benchtop DC Electronic Load Series
Delivering the performance of modular system DC electronic loads in a compact benchtop form factor, the 8600 Series marks the latest highlight in the history of the company's standalone DC load offerings....

17 December, 2014
B&K Further Expands Multi-Range Programmable DC Power Supply Offerings
B&K Precision today announced the 9200 Series multi-range programmable DC power supply line, which includes four 200 W-600 W models with voltage and current ranges up to 150 V and 25 A...

01 December, 2014
B&K Precision Rejuvenates Arbitrary/Function Waveform Generator Line
B&K Precision today announced the rejuvenated 4075B Series of arbitrary/function waveform generators with higher frequency ranges, increased arb memory, and a color LCD....

30 September, 2014
23 June, 2014
B&K Precision Debuts New Family of Dual Channel Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators
16 June, 2014
B&K Precision Acquires Teknix S.A.
29 May, 2014
B&K Precision Releases New 1200 W Multi-Range DC Power Supplies for Automotive and ATE Applications
28 January, 2014
B&K Precision Launches Major pwrApp Update