DAS1800 high speed data acquisition recorder from B&K Precision.

Meet the DAS1800 High Speed Data Acquisition Recorder

The DAS1800 from B&K Precision is an all new design featuring more input modules slots, improved performance, lighter weight, and increased storage capacity for recording high speed measurement data over extended periods of time. Best of all, the reimagined user interface is easy to use and packed full of time saving features. The functionality of the DAS1800 can also be extended with factory options such as a built-in Li-Ion battery that provides up to 3.5 hours of operation and protects against power outages.

More Slots for Increased Configuration

The DAS1800 provides 10 slots for input modules. More slots provide flexibility to configure a solution for any application.

Highest Storage Capacity on the Market

The DAS1800 comes with a 2TB SSD drive standard. More storage capacity allows for recording of high-speed data for extended periods while minimizing the need to delete or transfer older files.

Easy to Use Interface

The all new user interface is intuitive and easy to use, and it is packed with time saving features such as pinch and zoom, one finger scrolling, and a built-in sensor library.

Portable and Lighter Weight

The DAS1800 base unit with the optional built-in Li-Ion battery weighs just 15 lbs. With a carry handle that doubles as a stand, The DAS1800 is perfect for testing in the field.

More Input Module Slots

Matching the number and types of measurements in a test plan with a manufacturer’s offerings can be a challenge, and often leads to spending more for channels that go unused. With 10 slots for input modules and your choice of 4 and 8 channel modules, the DAS1800 provides maximum flexibility to achieve the right number of channels for each measurement type. Users can also utilize unused slots and easily reconfigure modules as testing needs change.

Available input modules:

Maximizing Recording & Storage

Running out of storage space can interrupt long term tests, and having to delete or transfer files isn’t ideal. The DAS1800 comes with a standard 2 TB SSD drive, so users can record hours of data at the full 1 MSa/sec sampling rate.

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Interface

With a 15.6” Full HD multi-touch display and reimagined user interface, the DAS1800 makes it easy to configure channels and analyze recorded data. Tabs along the top of the interface are organized to support typical workflows, and the touchscreen makes it easy to navigate with just a fingertip. The DAS1800 also provides time saving tools such as one finger scrolling, pinch to zoom, one-click automated measurements, and cursors for analyzing recorded data.

DAS1800 is light weight and portable for testing in the field.
DAS1800 high speed data acquisition system with a 15.6” full HD multi-touch display.
Field-Use Portability

Weight matters when you are carrying test equipment to remote locations, but you don’t have to give up features or performance to gain portability. The DAS1800 is the lightest all-in-one data acquisition recorder in its class. The base unit with the built-in Li-Ion battery option weighs just 15 lbs, and a system with 3 modules weighs less than 20 lbs.

An All-In-One DAQ Solution for Many Applications

With the ability to record up to 40 analog channels at the full maximum 1 MSa/sec sampling rate, the DAS1800 high speed data acquisition recorder is ideal for a wide range of high speed testing applications.

DAS1800 is light weight and portable for testing in the field.

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