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Accurate and reliable measurements.


B&K Precision provides an extensive selection of digital and analog multimeters, suitable for use in the field, lab, and many other environments. Whether you are an electronic technician working on location, or a school instructor teaching electronics, you will find a meter that fits your application. Our multimeters come in bench-top size for the engineering lab and handheld size for portable and on-the-go use.

For electricians, we also offer a series of current clamp meters to measure high current and voltage safely and reliably.

Multimeters may also test other parameters such as:
Continuity, Diode test, Capacitance measurement, Frequency measurement, dBm measurement, Transistor gain (hFE), Logic level.

To assist you in your selection, please use our DMM Selection Guide. Alternatively, you can select your DMM from the sub-categories list to the left.

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