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DC Electronic Loads

DC electronic loads are suitable for testing and characterizing a wide range of DC power sources, such as DC power supplies, batteries, fuel cells, solar cells and other power components. Unlike passive resistive loads, DC electronic loads offer a wide variety of voltage/current ranges and can operate under multiple modes such as constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV), constant power (CW), and constant resistance (CR).

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Loads that range in power from 150 W - 1500 W and build on the features of the 8500 Series by adding GPIB, USBTMC, SCPI commands, high measurement accuracy, 25 KHz transient speeds, and adjustable slew rates.

Offers modules that range in power from 200 W - 600 W for a total power of 2400 W within the MDL001 mainframe or up to 4800 W when adding the MDL002 mainframe extension.

Consists of a wide selection of models in the 150 W - 2400 W range. Each model shares user-friendly features such as flexible operating modes, high resolution meter and VFD display, built-in transient generator, and list mode functionality.

Designed for users requiring a DC load with a compact form factor at a rock bottom price. The 8540's specifications are similar to the 8500 line, but without the extras such as programming interface, triggering, and the ability to create dynamic test conditions.

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