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Stimulus signals for design and test.

Signal Generators

Modern circuits and systems can require a variety of signals for characterization and testing. B&K Precision offers a wide variety of signal generator models to cover the spectrum of needs, from the cost-sensitive educational budget, to high-end R&D labs.

B&K Precision's selection of signal generators--both handheld and benchtop--with a frequency range up to 120 MHz--include analog and digital function generators, pulse generators, and true arbitrary waveform generators in both analog and DDS (direct digital synthesis) architectures.

DDS generators provide flexibility, digital precision, programmability, and sophisticated performance in small packages. Capable of generating sine and square waves up to 50 MHz and 14 bit arbitrary waveforms of up to 4 million points at up to 125 million samples per second, B&K Precision's 407x series of AWGs lead the field in price, flexibility, and performance. Additionally, this AWG family also provides full function generator capabilities.

While DDS generators are at the forefront of generator technology and features, analog generators are the time-tested workhorses of modern technology, troubleshooting/maintenance, and education. They provide excellent value with familiar controls and reliable operation, pleasing users and business managers alike.

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