B&K Precision Logo Usage Guidelines


All B&K Precision logos, including the names and logos set forth herein, are trademarks of B&K Precision Corporation. These logos shall not be altered or redrawn in any way, and are useable only by licensed or authorized entities for applications approved by B&K Precision Corporation. Changing of elements, regardless of intent, detracts from the brand consistency of B&K Precision trademarks and logos. B&K Precision, with an ampersand between the B and the K, is for reference to the company as an entity, while B+K Precision–with a plus symbol is only used within the logo itself.

Specific Guidelines

B&K Precision Logos

There are two "color" versions of the B&K Precision logo meant for public use. One is CMYK, for printing purposes, and the other is RGB, for on-screen use, such as web or video. For correct results, use the correct version for your application.

Pantone® Matching System (PMS) Colors

Blue color: PMS 541
Red color: PMS 193

CMYK color equivalents for print

PMS 541: 100% C, 58% M, 9%Y, 46% K
PMS 193: 2% C, 99% M, 62% Y, 11% K

RGB color equivalents for screen

PMS 541: R: 0 G: 60 B: 113
PMS 193: R: 191 G: 13 B: 62

The CMYK EPS file can be scaled without loss of quality.

Screen/Web (right click the file and select "save as")

RGB PNG file 245px wide

RGB PNG file (245px wide)

RGB PNG file 350px wide

RGB PNG file (350px wide)

CMYK (Scalable Vector) EPS file

Contact Information

If you have specific questions about use of the logo, and any B&K Precision trademarks, use our website contact form (http://www.bkprecision.com/contact-us.html) to send us a message.

Terms and Conditions

The logos provided are for promotion, advertising, co-promotion, or marketing use by authorized entities only. The B&K Precision brand, name, logo, corporate identity are protected by copyright and trademark, and their use is governed by the rights provided by these protections.

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