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Model PR262

Near Field Probe Kit

Price: $640


The PR262 near field probe kit includes both magnetic (H) and electric (E) field probes to help identify sources of electromagnetic radiation. The probes act similar to wide bandwidth antennas and are usually connected to a spectrum analyzer. The probes can also be used in immunity testing by feeding an RF signal into the probe and radiating it into the circuit. The wideband amplifier can be connected between the probe and the spectrum analyzer to increase the dynamic range of the measurements.


      • H20 H-Field
      • H10 H-Field
      • H5 H-Field
      • E5 E-Field
      • 40 dB wideband amplifier (requires A-male to mini-B USB cable for power, not included)
      • SMB to SMA cable
      • SMA to N cable

 User manual

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