CC545 Image

Model CC545

General Purpose Power Supply Accessory Kit

Price: $132


Model CC545 General Purpose Power Supply Accessory Kit provides almost everything one needs to put their bench power supply to work. The kit includes 3 high-capacity test leads with retractile sleeve plugs. Rated at 600 V CAT II and 36 Amps, the leads provide safe connection to either standard or sheathed jacks while its silicone jacket wire stays flexible under all conditions.

For day-to-day connections, included are 4/6mm spade lug adapters along with 4mm banana plug adapters. Unique to the kit are 3 extra-large alligator clips which offer a wide range of connection capabilities. Fully insulated 1,000V CAT III or 600V CAT IV, the clips are capable of attaching to leads as small as 0.01" or lugs to a diameter of 1.25" all while carrying currents up to 36A. All components are supplied in black, red, and green for easy identification.

Also included is a BNC female to double banana plug adapter, a BNC male to double binding post adapter, and a BNC male cable assembly for powering those RF testing applications.


    • High Capacity Retractile Sheath Leads
    • Connection Adapters
    • Extra-large insulated alligator clips
    • Black, red & green components
    • Storage case



  • R&D Laboratories
  • Production Test Stations
  • Service & Repair Facilities
  • Educational Test Benches

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