TL500B Image

Model TL500B

High Performance Bench DMM Accessory Kit

Price: $262


This kit of accessories was assembled to facilitate requirements by high-performance bench digital multimeters (DMM's) users. All the most popular accessories in one kit. The kit offers MiniProbe test probe, with spring-loaded tips, for fine probing; MiniPRO Test Clips for small and MiniFlex Test Clips for micro connections; and for those larger test points, both spade lug and banana plug adapters, two pairs of test leads for 4-wire measurements or calibration hookups, an insulated BNC male to sheathed banana jack adapter, and an insulated SMD Tweezer set for surface-mount component testing.

  • Silicone jacketed test lead wire with UL Listing
  • MiniProbes w/Spring loaded Stainless Steel Tips
  • Packaged in Plastic Case


Kit Contains:
(4) Test Lead 4mm Sheathed P-RaP Silicon 0.75,  40": (2) Black, (2) Red
(2) Spring Tip Mini-Probe-4mm Jack: (1) Black, (1) Red
(1) Insulated BNC male Adapt-4mm Safety Jacks
(2) Adapter 4mm Banana Plug to Jack: (1) Black, (1) Red
(2) Mini Flex Clip-4mm Jack-Silicon 0.40, 10 cm: (1) Black, (1) Red
(2) Adapter 6mm Spade 4mm-Jack: (1) Black, (1) Red
(2) Lead minipro-J-PVC 0.40, 10 cm: (1) Black, (1) Red
(1) Tweezer Test Lead Set- 4mm P, w/PVC pouch



-20 to +80 ºC

RoHS (2002/95/EC)


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