Model 600B

12V Battery Capacity Analyzer

Price: $409 / 1 yr Warranty

Name Qty Last Updated
DISTRELEC 1 2023-06-04
DIGI-KEY 1 2023-06-03
SEFRAM 1 2023-06-02
FARNELL 2 2023-01-31


The 600B Battery Capacity Analyzer addresses the need to test and maintain sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries used in backup power UPS, emergency lighting, fire alarms, security systems, and many other electrical systems. By quickly characterizing a battery's response to a load resistance, the meter displays the remaining battery capacity as an indicator of the battery's health.

  • Measure remaining battery storage capacity in just seconds
  • Test 12 V storage type lead acid batteries
  • Settable Ah ranges: 7, 12, 24, 42, 65, & 100
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Powered by the battery under test eliminating the need for external power to instrument
  • High quality, durable Kelvin clamps
  • Rubber buttons
  • Rugged housing with extruded aluminum case

Get improved accuracy and measurement storage with B&K Precision’s new 603B battery capacity analyzer. For more information click here.


Product Description MSRP
600B 12V Battery Capacity Analyzer $409








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