Modelo BA8100

EIS Battery Analyzer

Price: $3590 / 3 yr Warranty

Visión general

The BA8100 is designed to accurately measure the internal impedance of a single cell or battery stack with voltages as high as 80 V. In addition to impedance, auxiliary measurements include voltage, current, phase, capacitance, inductance, quality factor and more. With the provided software, the BA8100 can perform Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) across a frequency range of 50 mHz to 10 kHz. The impedance spectrum can be evaluated through the Nyquist and Bode plot tools to determine effective series resistance (ESR) and track battery health. Included with the BA8100 is a self-test fixture to verify the instrument’s performance or compensate for resistance introduced by the test leads.

  • Maximum input voltage up to 80 V
  • EIS frequency range of 50 mHz to 10 kHz
  • Programmable DC and AC current settings
  • Measurements include impedance Z, phase angle θ, voltage and current
  • Simple 4-wire test connection
  • LAN, USB, and RS232 interfaces


Product Description MSRP
BA8100 EIS Battery Analyzer $3590



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