Model 391A

Test Bench True RMS DMM with protective rubberized case

Price: $229 / 3 yr Warranty


Jul 26, 2023

Name Qty Last Updated
FARNELL 1 2024-07-21
TME 1 2024-07-21
DISTRELEC 1 2024-07-21



The 391A has been replaced by the: 391B

High performance and value priced, this Test Bench® model 391A True RMS meter offers more features for the dollar than other multimeters. This meter has a dual injection molded case that allows a better grip and offers better meter protection. CE marked and UL listed.
  • 4 1/2, 20000 count LCD display
  • 0.05% basic accuracy
  • Auto power off
  • All current ranges are fused protected
  • Designed to meet IEC61010 1, CATIII 1000V, class2


Product Display Count Ranging Correction Factor Interface MSRP








CP 3

AC/DC Clamp Accessory for DMMs

CP 3

  • Converts any DMM to a current clamp
  • Measures current without disconnecting circuit under test
  • Measures to 400A DC/AC
  • Outputs 1mV per Amp, operates on 2V range of any DMM
CP 3 Manual

MSRP: $107
LC 29B

DMM Carrying Case

LC 29B

  • Light weight, durable Cordura nylon Protects your instruments
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Room to hold your test leads
  • Approximate Internal Dimensions: 4" x 2.5" x 8" (102 x 64 x 203mm)

MSRP: $21

Red and Black CAT III (IV) 1000V (600V) Test Leads


Right-angled sheathed banana replacement 10A test leads for digital multimeters.

MSRP: $12

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