Modelo RFP3040

RFP3000 Series

40 GHz RF Power Sensor, Real-Time

Price: $8870 / 3 yr Warranty

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The RFP3000 Series RF Peak Power Sensors are the performance leaders in the peak power measurement segment offering best in class video bandwidth, rise times and time resolution specifications.

These sensors feature real-time processing and hardware triggering with advanced PC software to capture even the most elusive signals. Measure pulsed, bursted, and modulated signals used in commercial and military radar, electronic warfare (EW), wireless communications (e.g., LTE, LTE-A, and 5G), consumer electronics (WLAN and WiFi 6), as well as education and research applications.

  • Real-Time Power Processing
  • Powered by host USB connection, no need for external power supply
  • SeaLATCH brand USB cable provides a reliable connection
  • Superior 100 ps time base resolution
  • Acquisition rate up to 100 MSPS supporting 50 points per division
  • Synchronized multi-channel measurements (up to 8 channels with Power Analyzer software, >8 with remote control)
  • Outstanding hardware trigger control with low jitter < 100 ps jitter, rms
  • Trigger hold off for bursted waveforms such as TDMA or GSM
  • Two adjustable markers with automatic measurement
  • 16 automated pulse measurements
  • Crest Factor and statistical measurements (e.g., CCDF)
  • Includes B&K Precision's Power Analyzer software for advanced measurement and analysis
  • Optional stand-alone benchtop power meter RFM3000


Product Description MSRP
RFP3006 6 GHz RF Power Sensor, Real-Time $7925
RFP3018 18 GHz RF Power Sensor, Real-Time $7930
RFP3118 18 GHz RF Power Sensor, Real-Time, 6 MHz VBW $7930
RFP3040 40 GHz RF Power Sensor, Real-Time $8870
RFP3140 40 GHz RF Power Sensor, Real-Time, 6 MHZ VBW $8870
RFP3008 8 GHz RF Power Sensor, Real-Time $9060



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