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Leverage your investment in B&K Precision oscilloscopes and AWGs. An engineer armed with a digital storage oscilloscope, AWG, and the WaveXpress™ software is capable of tackling demanding real-world signal generation tasks.

With several transformation options, users can easily create complex waveforms. Modify a waveform downloaded from a scope or construct a new waveform using powerful and intuitive editing tools. Quickly download them to your AWG and begin testing your circuits and systems moments later. The WaveXpress™ program can also be used for general-purpose waveform editing without requiring any instruments to be connected to the computer.

Features and benefits:

  • Download waveforms from B&K oscilloscopes, AWGs, or load them from CSV/text files.
  • Use real-world waveforms for testing or create them from scratch with drawing and editing tools.
  • Insert commonly-used waveforms and different types of noise.
  • Avoid tedious programming.
  • Use the full amplitude resolution of your AWG.
  • Combine waveforms with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Numerous transformations for changing a waveform. Users can add transformations in the Python programming language.
  • Multi-language support: Users can edit or add new language translations.
  • Fast zooming and panning with mouse.
  • Dialog settings are remembered for faster repetitive work.
Supported Models:
Oscilloscopes: Models: 2534, 2540, 2542, 2540B, 2542B
Arbitrary Waveform Generators: Models: 4075, 4075GPIB, 4076, 4078, 4078GPIB, 4079
Minimum system requirements: 
Windows XP™ or later. Connectivity requirements: RS232, GPIB, or USB, based on instrument(s) in use.
NI-VISA Run-Time Engine (this is an external link to download)


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