Educational Rebate Program

How the program works

Which products qualify for the promotional discount?

The promotional discount is valid on purchases of any current model--with the exception of our analog oscilloscope models 2120C, digital oscilloscope model 2190E, and analog generator models 4001A, 4003A, 4010A, 4011A, 4012A, and 4017A. There is no limitation on the quantity of qualifying models that can be purchased so long as the minimum purchase amount of $5,000 has been satisfied. The purchase totals and discount will be based on the current B&K Precision MSRP published at Accessories including probes, test leads, interface cables, and refurbished equipment, extended warranties, and calibration are not eligible to receive this promotional discount. B&K Precision reserves the right to modify or discontinue this offering at any time during the promotional period without notice. This educational promotion supersedes any prior promotions and cannot be combine with any other B&K Precision offer, program, or discount. B&K Precision preapproval is required.

EDU Rebate Promo Sheet

Terms and Conditions

Who is eligible for the promotional discount?

Educational institutions, public or private, including K-12 institutions, vocational schools, colleges and universities located in the United States or Canada. Products will only be shipped to a verified address in the United States and Canada.

How much discount am I eligible for?

Accredited qualifying institutions are eligible for a 10% promotional discount off purchases of $5000 or more through an authorized B&K Precision distributor.

Any authorized distribution partner in the United States and Canada.(Where to Buy)


Qualifying B&K Precision products must be purchased in a consolidated manner, i.e. a one-time >$5,000 purchase on a single invoice. This promotion is only available to qualified educational institutions. All products must be purchased from an authorized B&K Precision distribution partner.

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