Modèle 2556

2550 Series

200 MHz, 2 GSa/s, 2-Ch Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Price: $1570 / 3 yr Warranty


Oct 01, 2020

Name Qty Last Updated
B&K Refurbished/Clearance 3 2024-07-24



The 2556 has been replaced by the: 2566

The 2550 series digital storage oscilloscopes deliver performance and value in 2-channel and 4-channel configurations. With bandwidth from 70 MHz to 300 MHz and 2 GSa/s sample rates, these oscilloscopes offer 24 kpts/Ch waveform memory, 32 automatic measurements, and advanced triggering capabilities including math functions. Engineered to allow you to see more of your signal under test, the 2550 series’ widescreen 7” TFT display offers a significantly larger viewing area than typical economy oscilloscopes (5.7”).

  • Bandwidth up to 300 MHz
  • 2 GSa/s sample rate
  • 4-channel acquisition (on select models)
  • Large 7" widescreen color display
  • 32 automatic measurements
  • FFT plus four additional math functions
  • Built-in context sensitive help system
  • 50 Ω input coupling
  • PC software that lets you remotely control the oscilloscope and capture, save, and analyze waveform data
  • Front and rear panel USB host port for convenient storing and recalling of waveform data, setups, and screenshots on a USB flash drive
  • Standard LAN (supports SCPI) and USB device port (USBTMC compliant) for remote PC control 

WaveXpress Compatible Instrument Download waveforms from B&K oscilloscopes, AWGs, or load them from CSV/text files.


Product Bandwidth Sample Rate Channels Interface MSRP
2553 70 MHz 2 GSa/s 4



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La description





250 MHz 10x Oscilloscope Probe


  • 250 MHz Bandwidth
  • X10 Attenuation
  • 48" (1.2m) Cable length
  • Includes a full accessory kit with a Sprung Hook, Replacement Tip and BNC Adapter
  • Meets IEC61010-031 CATII

PR250B Manual

MSRP: $75

200 MHz 2 kV Oscilloscope High Voltage Probe


If the voltages you need to measure are above the specifications of the general purpose probe, B&K Precision has higher voltage probes for you.

  • X100 Attenuation
  • 100 Mohms / 5 pF Input Impedance
  • 200 MHz Bandwidth
  • 48" (1.2m) Cable Length

PR2000B Manual

MSRP: $126

High-Voltage Oscilloscope Probe, 10 kV, 40 MHz


If the voltages you need to measure on your oscilloscope are above the specifications of the general purpose probe, B+K Precision has higher voltage probes for you.

  • X1000 Attenuation
  • 100 Mohms / 1 pF Input Impedance
  • Up to 40 MHz Bandwidth
  • 80" (2.0m) Cable Length


MSRP: $387

USB-to-GPIB Adapter


The AK40G USB-to-GPIB adapter provides GPIB connectivity through the front USB host port on 4050 & 4060 series generators and some digital storage oscilloscopes. The GPIB and USB connectors conform to IEEE488.2 and USB 2.0 respectively.

  • Powered through USB host connector
  • Cable length approximately 56 inches (143cm)
  • Communication Status LED and Power LED indicators
  • GPIB interface supports Device mode only (not Controller mode)

MSRP: $229

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