Model 2568

2560 Series

300 MHz, 2 GSa/s, 2 Channel, DSO

Price: $2590 / 3 yr Warranty


May 02, 2022


The 2560 Digital Storage and Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) Series delivers advanced features and debug capabilities for a wide range of applications. With up to 300 MHz bandwidth in a 4-channel configuration, each model offers a maximum sample rate of 2 GSa/s, and a maximum memory depth of 140 Mpts. In addition, these oscilloscopes provide an 8” color display with 256 levels of color grading combined with a high waveform update rate up to 140,000 wfms/s, which allows the instruments to capture infrequent glitches with excellent signal fidelity.  The MSO upgrade provides 16 additional digital channels, the Decode upgrade provides serial bus decoding for I2C, SPI, UART/RS232, CAN, and LIN protocols and the AWG upgrade enables the 25 MHz function /arbitrary waveform generator. These digital oscilloscopes are ideal for applications in design and debugging, service and repair, and education. To purchase an MSO, Decode, and FG license key, please fill out the license request form.

  • Bandwidth up to 300 MHz
  • 2 GSa/s maximum sample rate
  • 140 Mpts maximum record length
  • 16 digital channels with logic analyzer (included with -MSO models or with MSO upgrade)
  • Serial bus decoding for I2C, SPI, UART/RS232, CAN, and LIN protocols (Decode upgrade)
  • Function and Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG upgrade)
  • Large 8" widescreen display with 256-level color gradient
  • 140,000 wfms/s maximum waveform capture rate
  • Compact footprint and lightweight
  • Segmented acquisition history waveform record function (record length up to 80,000 frames)
  • Serial triggering comes standard on all models
  • Standard LAN and USBTMC-compliant USB device port
  • Selectable 50 Ω and 1 MΩ input coupling


Product Bandwidth Sample Rate Channels Interface MSRP
2563 $1660
2566 $1980
2565 $2030
2563-MSO 70 MHz 2 GSa/s 4
2567 $2500
2568 $2590
2566-MSO $2590
2565-MSO 100 MHz 2 GSa/s 4
2567-MSO $3110
2568-MSO 300 MHz 2 GSa/s 2
2569 $3320
2569-MSO $3930









500 MHz 10x Oscilloscope Probe


  • 500 MHz Bandwidth
  • X10 Attenuation
  • 48" (1.2m) Cable length
  • Includes a full accessory kit with a Sprung Hook, Replacement Tip and BNC Adapter
  • Meets IEC61010-031 CATII

PR500B Manual

MSRP: $123

2560 Series 25MHz Waveform Generator Option


Enables the waveform generator features of the 2560. Take advantage of the generator’s 10 built-in waveforms or generate up to 4 of your own arbitrary waveforms via waveform editing software. Fill out the request form to acquire a FG2560 license key.
Compatible models:

  • 2563, 2563-MSO
  • 2565, 2565-MSO
  • 2566, 2566-MSO
  • 2567, 2567-MSO
  • 2568, 2568-MSO
  • 2569, 2569-MSO

MSRP: $200

2560 Series Serial Decode Software Option


Enables the serial decode features of the 2560. Simultaneously decode up to 2 serial buses with I2C, SPI, UART/RS232, CAN, and LIN protocols. Signals can be decoded from both analog channels and the 16 digital channels if MSO option is enabled. Fill out the request form to acquire a DC2560 license key.
Compatible models:

  • 2563, 2563-MSO
  • 2565, 2565-MSO
  • 2566, 2566-MSO
  • 2567, 2567-MSO
  • 2568, 2568-MSO
  • 2569, 2569-MSO

MSRP: $100

2560 Series MSO Software Option


The MSO software option enables the 16 digital channels on the 2563, 2565, 2566, 2567, 2568, and 2569 digital oscilloscopes. Measure TTL, CMOS, or custom logic levels along side analog channels. Fill out the request form to acquire a license for the MSO License Key.
Compatible models:

  • 2563
  • 2565
  • 2566
  • 2567
  • 2568
  • 2569

MSRP: $105

Logic Probe 16 Channels


The logic probe provides access to the 16 digital channels when the Digital Software (LP2560) is enabled on the 2560 Series. This accessory comes standard with all -MSO models. Fill out the request form to acquire a MSO logic probe.

MSRP: $599

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