Modelo 8518

8500 Series

1200W Programmable DC Electronic Load

Price: $4280 / 1 yr Warranty


Apr 27, 2021

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The 8518 has been replaced by the: 8514B

The affordable, laboratory grade model 8518 Programmable DC Electronic Load is well suited for testing and evaluating a wide variety of DC power sources. This DC electronic load can operate in CC, CV, CR or CP mode while voltage/current or resistance/power values are measured and displayed in real time and is fully programmable via RS232 or USB interface. Over temperature, over power, over voltage, over current and reverse polarity protection will help protect your valuable prototype and circuits. Its flexible operating modes and excellent measurement accuracy make this DC electronic load a great choice for characterizing DC Power supplies, DC-DC Converters, batteries, fuel cells and solar cells.

  • Operates between 0-60 VDC, 1 mA-240 A, 1200 W max
  • Constant current (CC), resistance (CR), voltage (CV) and power (CP) operation
  • Built-in high resolution (1 mA/1 mV) voltage and current measurement (range dependant)
  • A low minimum operating voltage of < 0.1 V and input resistance of 5 mOhm make this DC load especially well suited for fuel and solar cell applications
  • Bright, easy to read display (VFD technology)
  • Built-in transient generator
  • Programmable via RS232 or USB interface. RS232 to TTL serial converter cable, USB to TTL serial converter cable, and application software included
  • List mode operation for increased throughput
  • Battery testing mode to provide Ah rating of battery
  • Flexible triggering: Create trigger events by front panel keystroke, back panel TTL signal or software
  • Connect multiple units in parallel to increase current rating
  • Remote sense


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Rack mount kit for select models


The IT-E151 is for rack mounting of compatible products in either a side-by-side configuration or single unit configuration where a provided blank is used to fill the empty space. The dimensions for the kit are 5.24" (133mm) by 19" (482.6mm).

Compatible models:

- 1785B Series - 8512
- 9120A Series - 8514
- 9150 Series - 8518
- 9130B Series - 8600
- 8542B - 8601
- 8500/B - 8602
- 8502/B - 9801
- 8510/B - 9200 Series


IT-E151 Instruction Manual

MSRP: $96

High current premium test lead accessory


High quality red and black cable with externally braided wrap with large fork-type spade connectors for connecting to high current power supplies or DC loads.

  • Length: 2 m
  • Rated current: 60 A
  • Gauge: 8 AWG
  • Connector inner diameter: 8 mm (approximate)
  • Connector outer width: 15 mm (approximate)
  • Wire material: flexible silicon jacket

MSRP: $113

RS232 to TTL Interface Kit


This is the RS232 to TTL interface kit includes both the RS232 to TTL adapter and a RS232 DB9 to DB9 cable.

MSRP: $65

USB to TTL Interface


This is the USB to TTL interface replacement part that was originally included with its paired product. A standard USB cable is included.

MSRP: $64